Alderney Gambling Control Commission

New casino sites are always interested in what licenses the new brands use. In this article, we will tell you more about AGCC. Alderney is one of the autonomous islands of the English Channel.  Even though the island is only about 8 miles from French territories, Alderney has always had a British dependency. However, they are now a free country. Alderney is neither a part of the UK or the European Union. However, in recent times, beautiful island has grown into one of the major offshore financial capitals in the world. Over the years, they have turned into a centre of excellence for e-commerce trading and out of this were born the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC). As part of its strategy towards economic independence, the government of Alderney introduced the AGCC in May 2000. This body was charged with the sole responsibility of regulating betting activities in the country. Since its inception, the AGCC has grown into one of the best custodians of fair gaming among all license holders.

Types of licenses issued by the AGCC

Alderney Gambling Control CommissionIndeed, AGCC is one of the most recognised e-gambling permits in the world. They release two significant categories of licenses to prospective business owners as follows:

  • Category 1 associate certificates
  • Category 2 associate certificates

While the former is mainly for business to customer (B2C) operations, the latter is for business to business (B2B) operations. As well, the AGCC also issues certain other licenses and certificates as follows:

  • Core Service Provider Associates Certificate
  • Temporary e-Gambling Licenses
  • Hosting Certificate

Application and Guidance

The AGCC issues licenses to applicants in line with its regulations and framework as stated. First, it is essential that the applicant has a clear idea of the various types of licenses. That would make it easy to complete the application process. The AGCC has a presentation that explains the multiple licenses t make it easier. Generally, the application process involves that the applicant sends the following documents to the commission:

  • The completed application form which must include any appendices
  • A full deposit of the application fee as stated in the category of the license of interest
  • Electronic or hard copies of all supporting documents as required
  • Duly completed application forms and all related payments

There are dozens of styles available for download. The AGCC provides these forms in pdf and doc format as the case may be.

Application fees

The AGCC is regarded as one of the bet egaming licenses in the world. However, it is also one of the most expensive licenses to acquire. This probably explains why only a few online casinos can afford this license. So, if you are looking forward to sending in your application for any of the categories of licenses, here is a little insight as regards the fees.

  • Category 1 license: The required fee for this category varies from ₤17,500 to ₤400,000 per annum. The cost varies depending on some factors such as the income of the applicant in the case of renewals; the nature of the new applicant; any history of previous license etc.
  • Core Service Associate License: ₤10,000
  • Temporary eGambling license: ₤10,000

The list and details of all payments are available in the specified section


Without a doubt, the AGCC maintains a stringent policy regarding dispute resolutions. However, getting in touch with the commission should be considered as a last resort. In any case, where no agreement is reached between the casino and the player, the AGCC sets in to resolve the issue amicably between both parties. So far, the AGCC is excellent at resolving player issues. Indeed, this is why they don’t come cheap. We always list all the live casinos with their respective license in our reviews.

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