Since the discovery of Bitcoins, online gambling has never been the same. It is one of the most accepted peers to peer digital payment option across the world. The fact that it is peer to peer is that unique feature that makes it stand out among other online payment options. Also, the fact that Bitcoins have no central focal point is another distinctive feature. Hence, unlike the other currencies such as the GBP; NZD; USD; AUD; CAD and many more, Bitcoins is not stationary as it is always on the move from one user to the other. Users have the freedom to select their anonymous address which is usually between 27 to 34 characters. During transactions, the address is what is required to receive the funds. Likewise, this same principle is applied by online casinos where it is accepted. They provide their address for players to make deposits.

Do you have a bitcoin account?

If your answer is yes, then you can go straight to any online casino where it is available and enjoy your favourite games. However, if you don’t have an account, then you need to follow these simple steps to get your account ready. The first step is to visit the website to set up your account. Just like every other electronic/digital means of payment, you will provide your unique address and password. The only difference this time is that the address does not have to be your real location. Just chose between 27 to 34 characters and this is what you need each time that you want to send or receive payments. So, now that you have set up your wallet, the next step is to fund it.

Generally, multiple funding sources are depending on availability and convenience. Most bitcoin users fund their account y exchanging other currencies for Bitcoins. So, you could exchange currencies such as USD; CAD; NZD; GBP; Euro, etc. for Bitcoins. Another option is the peer to peer sales where you can purchase Bitcoins over the counter. All you have to do is find a potential seller, agree on a price and make the exchange. Other funding options include Bitcoins mining; ATMs and even funding from your wallet.

So, now that you have a funded account, the next step is to proceed to any Bitcoins online casino. Once you arrive, take a tour of the platform, visit the cashier/banking section and confirm that Bitcoins can be used for deposits and withdrawals. Afterwards, select bitcoin, the casino provides you with its unique address, enter the amount that you wish to deposit and proceed to verify the payment. Once the payment is confirmed, your deposit will be sitting ready in your account.

Some of the best Bitcoins casino

The number of new casino sites that accept Bitcoins is on the increase. However, here is a list of some of the best. When we are talking about the best, it is not just because they offer this payment option. The selection of games; customer support and other features also counts. Visit CLoudBet; Mbit; Bitstarz; Fortune Jack; BitCasino; BetChain; Mars Casino; Oshii etc. to enjoy every moment.


Bitcoins offer casino users a safe and secure means of making and receiving payments. In addition to anonymity, there is no transaction fee when using Bitcoins. However, the value tends to be volatile, and the payment process is irreversible.

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