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At New Casino Sites UK we use cookies to that our visitors can get the performance and user experience on our website. When you click approve on the Cookie Disclaimer button on your first visit, you accept our Cookie Policy and won’t be prompted again.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are stored in an encrypted text file on your computer that contains a small piece of information. This text file does not contain any personal data only data used to enhance your experience of that specific site. For example, at an e-commerce website, it helps you save your shopping cart even when leaving the site. We use it for the analytic data to see what pages our visitors prefer and how long they stay on them.

Is there only one type of Cookies?

No, there are different kinds of cookies, for example, Session Cookies, Persistent Cookies and Cookies used for analytic services.

Session Cookies

Session Cookies are cookies used when you are on the website. These cookies are deleted when you leave the specific website.

Persistent Cookies

These have many names and are sometimes called permanent or functional cookies. The purpose of persistent cookies is to save basic preferences and settings. When you revisit our website, we use this information to improve your user experience and make the website load faster.

Analytic Services Cookies

Google Analytics is the tool almost every serious website uses for analysing its traffic. It measures the visitor’s behaviour such as pages visited, how long and in what order. Google analytics also which country the visitor comes from.

How to edit your Cookie settings

It doesn’t matter if you use Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge all these browsers allow you to manage your cookies. So you can restrict, delete or block sure cookies. Keep in mind that this often will make your user experience suffer. We have collected a couple of excellent links below if you want to know more about how you manage or delete your cookies.

  • All You Need To Know About Cookies – Read more here
  • A guide to online behavioural advertising in the UK – Read more here
  • Opt-out on Google Analytics – Read more here

Cookie Policy Updates

Sometimes we have to make changes in our Cookie Policy. These updates will be presented on this page.

We last updated this page in May 2018.


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