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About Curacao eGaming

You might know that Spin Up casino is run under a Curacao gaming license. It’s cheap; the application process is simple and they have been around more than you know. Certainly, the Curacao eGaming is popular. While there may be two sides to this popularity, there is no doubt that the Curacao eGaming offers a great option to many companies. Located in the island of Curacao, their tentacles extend far and wide. So far, several companies are taking advantage of their low tax commissions and low application fees to acquire this license. However, there have been doubts and questions. One of the major features of brands that have the Curacao eGaming license is that they accept players from almost every country. This includes the UK and that has been a major concern. As well, their position in times of player disputes has been hugely criticized. However, this does not take out the fact that the Curacao eGaming license is a great and affordable option.

Why you should consider  Curacao eGaming

Despite the few reasons why you should not apply for Curacao eGaming, there are a thousand and one more reasons why you should. One of the key reasons is because it is very affordable. Hence, it is not surprising to see that the Curacao eGaming license is a popular choice for many online casinos. Other reasons are as follows:

  • It cost about $34,000 USD to get the master license. Afterwards, the monthly service fee is about $5600. Even more, the deal is subject to further negotiations.
  • Another reason is that once you are a holder of the master license, you can lease out sub-licenses to other companies. How amazing! However, the holder of the master license must be responsible for the sub-license holder.
  • The Curacao eGaming is more than just a license. Certainly, this explains why you should also consider it. License holders also receive technical and financial support.
  • The gambling laws are very simple. Even more, it does not matter whether you run multiple ventures. Whether you are planning to own an online casino, lottery, sports betting etc, all you need is one license and that takes care of everything.
  • Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars getting just a single license for a single business venture? Why spend so much time going through the unpleasant application process of most of the other issuing bodies? Certainly, this is more than enough reasons to consider the Curacao eGaming license.

Do not get carried away

Certainly, do have their bad sides and we have to keep you informed as well. Here are some of the reasons why you have to consider some other alternatives if you can:

  • Not everyone will consider this a drawback. However, the player at the receiving end surely does. The fact that the application process to obtain the Curacao eGaming license is not thorough reduces its level of acceptance.
  • There have been plenty of issues reported about many online casinos licensed in Curacao. Of course, this could happen. However, the concern is how it was resolved. In most cases, it did not end well for the players. Hence, many have learned not to trust such platforms with the Curacao eGaming license.
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Final Remarks

As already mentioned, there are some good casinos licensed in Curacao. However, it takes a lot to years to build such a reputation. Hence, if you are looking for a cheap license, it does come with some dues. New Casino Sites UK is always on top of the different gambling licenses. Keep checking back for the latest information.

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