Dutch Gaming Authority (NGA)

Dutch Gaming Authority

About Dutch Gaming Authority (NGA)

There are not many persons that know about the Dutch Gaming authority. This is not because it is relatively new. The Dutch Gaming Authority happens to be one of the oldest in the industry. However, they have been concerned with regulating the activities of the state-owned gambling platforms. For example, Holland Casino; Postcode Loterij; Lotto etc. are among the national carriers that have enjoyed the regulations of the NGA since its inception. Presently, they are looking to follow the current trend and open their arms to some offline and online platforms from across the world. Certainly, it is no longer news that gambling-related activities are on the increase every day. Hence, the Dutch Gaming Authority was set up with the sole aim of providing a fair, safe and secure gambling environment in the Netherlands.

The team and license

Firstly, there is a team of managers and a board of directors that oversees the affairs of the NGA. Together, their job is to ensure that the vision of the Dutch Gaming Authority is protected. Invariably, the idea is to protect the interest of the players. To do this, the Dutch Gaming Authority issues various types of gambling licenses to casino operators. The kind of permits includes operating license; single license; multi-year license; Gaming machine license; Non-remote general betting (limited) operating license; Remote gambling license; and Non-recurring license. Each intending license holder is expected to secure the appropriate permit. Finally, whichever license that you decide to get, it surely would cover for any of the following gambling-related activity:

The Dutch gambling environment

A vast majority of the casinos; poker houses and sports betting centres are offline based. Even more, they are owned by the state. So, until there is a change in the law by the Dutch Gaming Authority, players will rely on other online casinos that are licensed by other regulatory bodies outside the Netherlands. Also, the good part is that no law prevents players from having a good time playing other online casinos. So, let’s take a look at some of the top online casinos that are available to Dutch players at the moment: Cleopatra Casino; Bet365 Casino; Slots Magic Casino; Rich Casio; Vegas Casino Online and many more.

Reputation and safety of the Dutch Gaming Authority

It is hard to talk about the status of the NGA relative to online gaming. That’s because there are not many online platforms that currently have the NGA license. However, so far, it was evident that the Dutch Gaming Authority has zero tolerance for violations. They ensure that all those seeking licenses meet all the requirements. Even more, they also ensure that they obey the rules during the period of validity of the permit. That way, they able to provide a safe, secure and fair gaming environment for all players.

Conclusion about the Dutch Gaming Authority

Finally, it is only a matter of time before the Dutch Gaming Authority supports online gaming. However, since its inception in 2012, they forbid online gaming and will only issue a license to offline gaming platforms. Meanwhile, players are free to express themselves with other online casinos. We do list the type of license new casino sites stands under in all of our reviews.

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