Gambling Licenses

Overview of Gambling Licenses

Online gambling is the in-thing. Many countries have joined to make gambling legal. So, Gambling Licenses represents your password to operate an online casino within any territory. Imagine visiting an online casino that has no Gambling License? That’s like travelling to a new country without a Visa! Even more, just as there are different types of visas, the situation is similar for Gambling Licenses. Some regulatory bodies offer different types of Gambling Licenses as stated in their terms. However, some others offer a single license that covers everything. Some even allow a holder of a master license to offer sub-license. In the end, the focus of Gambling Licenses is to protect the interest of players. So, the question is how much protection does the law say? How much are they willing to see that the law holds? There is your ranking of the best Gambling Licenses.


License requirements

Every online casino must have a license. Likewise, during the process of application, the online casino is expected to meet some basic needs before the permit is issued. This is why online casinos with the same permit share similar features. Some of the requirements include:

  • Security and privacy: During the registration process in online casinos, there is an exchange f sensitive information. Players provide both their personal and banking details. Hence, it is a necessity that any online casino must offer a secure environment. Therefore, there must be a valid security certificate, and the latest encryption must be used.
  • Fair and responsible gaming: To ensure that players are treated fairly, the activities of online casinos are monitored. Also, complaints are treated until a peaceful resolution is reached.

Popular jurisdictions with Gambling licenses

Different countries have their gambling licenses. While some grants are lenient such that they allow players from different regions, some are very strict. For the strict ones, they only accept players residing in the host country. For example, players from the UK should play only at UK licensed casinos and so on. Here is a list of some selected gambling licenses:

  • Gibraltar: This country issues the Gibraltar gambling commission (GGC)
  • United Kingdom: By the authority of the Queen, the government of the United Kingdom releases the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).
  • Malta: Malta Gambling Authority (MGA)
  • Italy: While online gambling may not be too popular in Italy, the Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies (AAMS) issues the license.
  • Kahnawake: This name does not ring a bell. However, findings show that they are among The license is issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

There are many other licenses. Also, some countries are still working on their license. Such countries include Sweden and the Netherlands. We suspect that generous offers like the no deposit bonus will be limited by more demanding licenses.

Conclusion about Gambling Licenses

2019 has witnessed the launch of several new online casinos. Indeed, we expect that you already know the significance of Gambling Licenses. For every player. It should be the first point of call. Search for the license and see I it suits what you want. With several reviews as regards the reputation of these bodies, making the right choice is not as difficult as it seems. We always list what gambling license and permits new casino sites have in our reviews.

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