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About Hero Affiliates

Looking for a platform where you will be treated as a true hero with excellent video slots? Hero Affiliates is the place. Of course, it takes heroes to succeed where others have failed. Hence, they offer one of the highest reward programs in the world of affiliate marketing. Even more, they make it a lot easier for their affiliates to succeed. That’s because Hero Affiliates showcases only the best brands in the industry. Indeed, if you have enjoyed the adventure on Casino Heroes or Speedy Casino and many others, you would undoubtedly agree that Hero Affiliates offers a partnership that would succeed.

Your Commission

Notice that it was called ‘your commission’? Certainly, the commission is meant for affiliates. So, let’s take a look at what every hero stands to benefit from marketing the Hero Affiliates brands. At Present, two major casinos are involved in the affiliate program. Better and Casino Heroes. So, your commission will be based on the net revenue generated from these two platforms monthly.  So, let’s take a look at the tier-based commission plan:

  • 20% referral commission on all net revenue between €0 to €10,000
  • 25% commission on net revenue above €10,000
  • 30% referral commission on net revenue from €20,001
  • The highest offer is 35% which is available on all net revenues above €30,000 and above.

The Promise

Certainly, you must have heard about so many affiliate programs. Even more, Hero Affiliates have their downsides as well. However, they promise to be fair in all their dealings. That’s because they value the partnership with affiliates and would do everything possible to provide a great environment for all affiliates. Hence, here are a few promises from Hero Affiliates:

  • Trust and Transparency: What you see is what you get. There are no hidden charges or conditions. Hero Affiliates operates an open and transparent affiliate program that has made them one of the best in the industry.
  • Great products: Certainly, if the products are not great, it will be difficult to sell. This is why they strive so hard to ensure that all their brands have all the top features of a first casino thereby making them very easy to sell.
  • No Negative Carryover: That’s another promise from Hero Affiliates, and it is undoubtedly a good one. Hence, they will not carry over your unlucky month into the new month. Therefore, you will always have a fresh start to put things in order.
  • Best Customer Relationship Management: We keep our affiliates close as partners and friends. Indeed, this means a lot. Hence, branches have easy access to the support team, and so far, the experience has been great.
  • Lifetime commission: The reward scheme at Hero Affiliates is quite thrilling. As long as the referred layers keep playing on Better and casino Heroes, you keep getting your commissions. Indeed, that’s a lifetime reward.

new casino sitesConclusion

They use the NetRefer software to keep track of everything. That way, nothing is left out. As well, as long as you don’t break the rules, you’ll continue to be a hero. Likewise, Hero Affiliates will treat you like one.

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