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Casino BrandSlot V Casino
Languages English, Norweigan, Finnish, Swedish
BonusUp to £200 + 25 Bonus Spins
Minimum Deposit£20
UK Licence No
No Deposit BonusNo
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Review SlotV

Slot V is perhaps one of my most favourite online casino games as of late. The reason for that is that I like my online casinos to be minimalistic, easy to browse and have a large selection of games. Slot V does just that, and you can play close to a hundred games on the website. Many unique games and concepts are introduced into this casino, and it is entertaining to spend your time and money here. With a slew of bonuses, which includes many deposit bonuses, this website rewards you for playing and depositing money. The casino covers a wide range of games, some are easy to understand, and some requires wit. However, the risk to reward is always high on the website.

Performance and mobile usability

SLOT V runs fantastically; there is no visible lag on the desktop version, it has a very nicely designed interface which works well with the overall theme. When shifting to your mobile phone, excellent performance is transfer across the board, and there are no stuttering or frame rate issues in games or when brewing. The website runs marvellously, especially considering some animations used. The experience on the site is pleasant; it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a desktop computer, mac or a mobile phone.
The performance is satisfactory, and I am yet to see slowdowns and glitches during gameplay or browsing. If you like the mobile version, it is smooth, easy to understand and control and a user-friendly. The only flaw I’ve seen when using it on the mobile is that you sometimes have to click several times to get games to work.

Review SlotVExperience and games

There is no doubt that Slot V is a perfect online casino for new and experienced players. With a ton of games available, and a lot of unique concepts in a lot of them. You can easily find a game that suits your play style, so you can win other than just getting lucky. Experience wise, the website is like an arcade where you can find something that you enjoy playing. Getting some lucky wins in games isn’t that difficult, especially if you’ve found a game you’re good at. I’ve experienced close to 40 games already and received a hefty profit from them; mainly because they’re easy to understand. For experienced gamblers however with an exit strategy, they can take good advantage of the casino’s somewhat chill policies regarding bonuses and deposits.


With good deposit bonuses, and a great system of treating players when depositing and even playing. Slot V makes sure that you get to win something. Among the free spins and the cash backs, you’re bound to make a hefty profit. Remember, if you have an exit strategy before playing, this website is great


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